Composition of Tampon

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Outer Cover

Film Wrapping
(polyester film)

Plastic Coating
polypropylene, etc.)

Non Wrapping
(bonded fibre
without wrapping)
Fibers Length 20mm`130mm over 20mm 35mm`130mm
Diameter 4mm` 20mm 1.5mm`23mm 5mm` 20mm
Filament Yarn Acetate Tow available for all kinds of the outer covers
- ditto - Polyester Textured Yarn
Staple Fiber Polyester & Polypropylene Sliver
- ditto - Other Synthetic Fibres
unti-slip paste
1) 1` 3 rib(s) on the

2) 5`6 ribs of ribs on the

It is possible to select any combination of fibre, outer cover, and fibre density. (with some exception)

@Application :-

(1) Writing Instruments : Tampon for oil-base ink, alcohol-base ink, water-base ink,
  and other various types of ink.
(2) Cosmetics : Eye-liner, Manicure, Manicure Remover, etc.
(3) Smoker's Requisites : Cigarette Filter, etc.
(4) Filter for Medical Equipments.
(5) Solution Filter and Reservoir for Industrial Machineries.